Remember the answer that you seek will not be the answer that you will find” - Sokrateez

— Sokrateez


"Late Night With The Fellas" is a group of highly motivated individuals to break the barriers of podcasts, nothing is off limits...The very diverse topics and subjects will elevate you to another dimension where all is at peace. You will laugh, some may cry, but most of us will up open to the rapid comebacks, the low blows, the secrets revealed and most importantly this is a genuine raw podcast for people who are not seeking the politically correct.

Chief Gillespie

THe Mastermind

They call me Chf Gillespie. I'm just a humble down to earth southerner from VA. I love to have fun joke around and laugh, as well as having a great time with awesome people. I feel i was placed on this earth to bring joy and laughter to others and you know Chf Gillespie brings the best topics to Late Night Sipping With The Fellas.

Travis "Vic" Nooman

The Enforcer

I'm considered the "Bougie" one of the group. Clap back extraordinaire. Tells it like it is no chaser. Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks.

Savage Rod

The savage one

Don P

The Intellectual


The Engineer

The most down to earth and open minded person you'd ever meet, except his Anti-Political Correctness switch is broken because he doesn't care about your feelings.

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Late Night With The Fellas

We are looking to expand and make this the best late night talk show anywhere. We are limited to the equipment that we are using and are looking to expand to a better setup so that all host, co-host or guest speakers can be heard. We are also working on a live feature as well as doing a few radio guest spots. Every donation helps greatly

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