From a wish to a dream

Where thoughts get brought to life

Here at ATF Recording Studios we pride ourselves in making your dreams come to life. With state of the art equipment, 15+ years of experience and offering one on one sessions for both mixing and mastering we make sure you get the most out of your money.

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Latest News

At The Forefront has been revamped with new beats for sale, in house producers, state of the art equipment, online radio station and a new online vinyl store. At The Forefront has been working hard to make sure they have a highly trained staff that can assist in any project that you need. We offer services in Podcasts, TV/Film Audio Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering. To check out more about At The Forefront please check us out on our about page.

At The Forefront Radio - 432 Hz Music 

It's something that's new but old at the same time.

The system has corrupted our minds for years, we are just now starting to wake up and realize the beneficial and healing properties that come from 432 Hz.

This is the first radio station of its kind playing all the hits converted into 432 Hz. It's almost like its the first time you've heard your favorite song all over again.

New Sample kits Coming Soon

We are in the process of digging deep in the crates through 1000's of records to bring you the best sample kits that money can offer. We are fully focused on keeping our vision the same, by providing great quality sound samples and kits for a very reasonable price.